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Noel Labak has a long history of experience in the health and fitness industry and has performed over 50,000 hours of massage. A graduate of the California Healing Art's College in Los Angeles Noel has traveled extensively to perfect his technique. Working as a personal trainer and workout specialist combined with his training noel has gained incredible knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Noel was previously employed at 'Jane Fonda's Workout' and 'Richard Simmons Anatomy' both located in Beverly Hills, California. Noel also spent six years as the lead therapist for the Four Seasons Hotel Spa Chicago, Conde Nast travel magazines number-one rated spa in North America training the best team of massage therapists in the nation in treatment and technique, innovating spa services and developing treatments.
U.S Marine Corps San Diego • Jane Fonda's Workout Beverly Hills Ca • Richard Simmons Anatomy · Beverly Hills Ca ·
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California Healing Arts College - Los Angeles CA • Westwood Acupuncture College - Westwood CA
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